When to plant

Wildflowers are in bloom all over Sacramento…that means it’s time to plant! Didn’t have a garden in mind for this summer yet? Well get on it. April is planting season which means that March is digging season. Okay, I know, no one likes to dig holes (well almost no one, no offense hole-digging wierdos) but there is a plus side. Digging a hole is good exercise. Digging during the cooler/rainy month means you won’t be as sweaty and uncomfortable, and the dirt will be softer and easier to manipulate. Now is the exact time to pick out what to plant in the garden too, and to make a map. It’s always better to dig then plant. I’ll say it again: dig first, then plant. Bringing home plants without holes to put them in…that rarely works out. Plus, if you dig now, it will be all done, so you can take a short rest and be refreshed when it’s time to put in the greenery. Even better, if you dig now, you can plant from seed.

Don’t think you have a green thumb? Well, good news people, this is Sacramento, so plant the stuff that likes it hot and it will grow! You’ll surprise yourself. Start with tomatoes (duh) and try basil, rosemary, squash, bell peppers, and green beans. Those plants love the sun and your body will love all the vitamins.


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